#1.whenever we go for walk with our friends ,partner,colleagues we should try to talk in positive manner.we should go with full enthusiasm and positive attitude.30-45 minute walk can make our day very easy.

#2.when we go for travel we should carry water bottle and healthy snacks like roasted almonds ,roasted makhana,

healthy fruits.we can also carry mix vegetable n multigrain atta roti make roll and enjoy that. it will be good and healthy option.

#3.discuss all your loving memories.discuss about your positive things.we all have different does not matter.if excel or not in some part of life..pass and failure are part and parcel of our don’t be happy its most difficult task in life.

#4.don’t forget to compliment to each other,because everybody has different qualities….so appreciate.

#5.dress-up that enjoy hustle free. matter how much e you n your partner economically strong..never realize to each are just friends,and good human beings…just show your humanity.

#7.sing a song, say jokes make enviroment very that you can go long.

#8.just laugh nad make laugh to your belongings.

#9.i know its very  difficult task in our busy life.for me also.but we can try n try.

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