daily dose

Always try to be happy in your busy schedule. small changes in our life can help us to move ahead.

#1.take eight glass of water in every day in your life.

#2. add some exercise in your routine.

#3.add protective food in your diet that is fruit and vegetables.

#4. for good fleeling try to be a child..be innocent and pure n tention free all the time..but this is impossible but we

can try once a week atleast for good feeling.

#5. laughter is good medicine….take it for your natural glow on your face…you will love it.

#6. listen to your heart and mind. dont care of others…u r always special and unique.

#7.we should learn to egnore the things and how to say no to thing witch we dont like.

#8.always read good books…reading habit is a good habit.

#.9explore yourself always, we batter know what is good or bad for us.

#10.love yourself the way you are…you perfect dont compare nobody just like you.




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